Power Up Your Business with Sales Videos that Sell Your Service

POWER UP YOUR BUSINESS WITH VIDEO  Hello everybody, it’s Bonnie Keith with Video Magic Productions. I know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to market and promote your business, especially in today’s day and age with the Internet and so many people having so much content. But guess what? If you’re not one of […]

How to Dress and Prepare for Video – What Colors Look the Best On Camera

What looks good in real life is much different than what looks good on camera.Video is important because we’re visual creatures.   1) What to wear, and what not to wear WEAR SOLIDS. Stripes, houndstooth and other patterns will look strange and cause a moiré pattern. You don’t want your dancing shirt or blouse to “upstage” […]

Live Stream Video for your Live Events and Conferences

Live Stream video

https://videomagicpros.com/wp-content/uploads/Live-Stream-testimonial.mp4 VideoMagic Productions is your one stop video shop for all your personal and business video needs. Live Streaming events is very popular now more than ever . Travel is time consuming, expensive, and people are still worried about being in large crowds. I have been so happy to assist many families recently with a […]


TIPS & IDEAS FOR YOUR NEXT VIDEO MARKETING Videos are one of the best forms of marketing, and they’re incredibly useful for businesses.  A promo video is a short video that promotes your products or services. The perfect promo video will do more than just share a marketing message—it will tell a story that will […]

Create Interactive Videos to Retain Your Target Audience’s Attention

Bonnie Keith taking photos

THE POWER OF INTERACTIVE VIDEOS & HOW YOU CAN RETAIN YOUR AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION Interactive Videos are the future of Video Technology.  What is an Interactive Video?  What Interactive Elements can be used within a video?  What can it mean for you to use Interactive Video?  In this video, many interactive video elements are being demonstrated. […]

Turn your Radio Interview or Zoom Call into an Engaging, Story Telling Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjMYW2byQqI&ab_channel=BONNIEKEITH Turn your Radio Interview, Zoom Call or any other Media Presentation into an Professional, Engaging, Story Telling Video. The video above was created from an audio file sent to VIDEOMAGIC Productions-Santa Clarita.    Joyce Robertson, of “The Foundation for Senior Services”-a non profit benefiting seniors & their families, and Carol Pilkington (grief counselor, mentor, […]

How to Use Animated Characters in Your Videos

animated character

Using Animated Characters in your Videos can turn your videos into a fun, engaging, creative experience for your viewers. Combine animation with Real Life actors or just use animation alone. Why incorporate animation or animated characters (avatars) into your videos? Internet users have short attention spans and will only spend this much time on a […]

We Help You Turn Boring, Shaky Selfie Footage into Professional Video Promos

VideoMagic Productions offers Professional Video Services Santa Clarita & Beyond -Video Creation & Coaching https://www.videomagicpros.com call 661-755-1699 Video Magic Productions offers creative video services that can help turn your shaky, boring selfie video into an engaging, compelling video that will attract and convert your ideal target market. Bonnie Keith has a professional background as an […]

Are You in Need of Any Type of Videos for Personal or Business?

 Video is a very powerful medium. It is multi sensory.  Having a video that can showcase your product or service if you are a business owner offers your viewers a feeling of 1 to 1 communication, personal engagement, and the next best thing to actually “being there”. If you are a business owner who understands […]

Are You Camera Ready-Tip # 1

https://videomagicpros.com/wp-content/uploads/Camera-Reaqdy-Tip-1.mp4 Are You Camera Ready-Tip # 1 Being Camera Ready involves more than choosing the right outfit, picking the correct colors, the right lighting, and Memorizing your lines. Being Camera Ready is having the ability to relax in front of the camera and share your message with simplicity, clarity, and enthusiasm.   Many of my clients […]