Hello everybody, it’s Bonnie Keith with Video Magic Productions.

I know how difficult and overwhelming

it can be to market and promote
your business, especially in today’s day

and age with the Internet
and so many people having so much content.

But guess what?

If you’re not one of those people that has
that content and has an online presence,

then the train has left
and you’re still sitting at the station.

Video is and will continue to be

the most effective way to tell your story.

Share your message, sell a product,

introduce yourself
and your passion to the world, basically.

And that’s
what you have at your fingertips

when you have an online presence
that can draw

and attract your target
audience anywhere in the world.

Some key facts: 

Almost half of consumers worldwide (48%) say that video increases their confidence to shop online

· 71% say video with interactive features – such as links to purchase – are essential when making an online purchase

· More than half of livestream event attendees say they made a purchase as a result of a live virtual shopping experience

· 36% say that video is most helpful in discovering new products online

Video also can help you teach, inspire and motivate like no other medium.

That’s golden, and that’s what you need
and that’s where you need to get to.

And I can help.

stay tuned for part 2 of Power Up Your Business with Video:

where I will explain my new simple video creation program available to anyone, anywhere.