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The video above was created from an audio file sent to VIDEOMAGIC Productions-Santa Clarita. 


Joyce Robertson, of “The Foundation for Senior Services”-a non profit benefiting seniors & their families, and Carol Pilkington (grief counselor, mentor, teacher, author, speaker) were interviewed on Larry Marino/870 AM The Answer.

Joyce asked VideoMagic Productions (official videographer for The Foundation for Senior Services and partner alliance) to upload the audio file to Youtube for greater online exposure. 

However, Youtube is a platform for VIDEO not Audio files. The audio file could definitely have been uploaded to any of several audio file sharing sites online but none of these sites have the ability to attract and engage viewers in the same way that Youtube can do.

For those of you who are not aware, Youtube is owned by Google and therefore Google will raise the ranking of a video in search engine rankings higher and more quickly than text, images, or audio files alone.

Video can produce a better ROI, than traditional marketing
methods. Let’s check what marketers think about it.
86% of marketers say video increased traffic to their website.
83% of marketers say video increased their visitor’s time-onpage.
84% of marketers admit videos helped generate leads.
78% of marketers say adding video to their pages increased

Once the video was created and uploaded to Youtube, the feedback was tremendous.

Buzz said: This is beyond wonderful!!! The creativity and message captures who we are in such a great and entertaining way.  I can see it generating funds, educating  and recruiting a variety of prospects, and reinforce our grant efforts.  Hoorays and  kudos for Bonnie!

The video is a visual representation of the speakers interview and helps the viewer clearly understand the focus and mission of The Foundation for Senior Services.
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