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Video Magic Productions offers creative video services that can help turn your shaky, boring selfie video into an engaging, compelling video that will attract and convert your ideal target market. Bonnie Keith has a professional background as an actress having starred in various TV and Movies.
Every video that Bonnie creates for you has a “movie” feel with a beginning, middle and end and has an emotional impact on the viewer.
Having a video online presence is essential in todays business and market place whether you are selling a product or a service. The main difference between you and the other professionals who are selling the same service as you, is YOU. People do business with people they get to know, like and trust. 
Sharing your message and getting your story across simply and clearly in the most effective manner is crucial to whether or not you will earn a customer’s trust, and therefore, their business and referrals. 
But what is the Secret Sauce to attracting and retaining your audience’s attention? 
Hint: It is NOT about the product or service you are selling.
Easy answer: It IS about your passion and genuine heartfelt sharing.
In The video above I share two examples of the difference a good video marketing coach or video editor can make in the success of your Promo Video. My two clients each thought they had a decent video and were satisfied enough with their original video clip or video filming session.
However, a viewer would not have continued watching the first real estate video because the footage was so shaky, the message was unclear, and the viewer would get confused. By editing out some of the unneeded footage, adding some interesting graphics, using still images in the place of shaky footage, adding impactful music and a call to action gave this video a more professional and enjoyable overall feel.
In the second instance, my client was “reading from her script” by rote without feeling or passion, not truly communicating her passion and knowledge of her business. The client thought she did a good job because she said her words as she had written them, but unfortunately, the viewer became disinterested and had no emotional connection with the speaker.
 After a few mninutes of coaching by Bonnie of VideoMagic Productions, you can see the difference immediately and so clearly.
 Without worrying about repeating her written script, Bridget spoke from her heart and shared the love she has for what she does and her expertise and passion came across in a heartfelt and emotional manner.
 Bonnie can help you relax in front of the camera and share you message with ease, clarity, and coming “from the heart”. Bonnie will help you with or without a script to create a professional video that will help your business grow and find an online presence.  
see my post on “to script or not to script” for more insights into how to create the best video promo