Being Camera Ready involves more than choosing the right outfit, picking the correct colors, the right lighting, and Memorizing your lines.

Being Camera Ready is having the ability to relax in front of the camera and share your message with simplicity, clarity, and enthusiasm.  

Many of my clients are terrified to be speaking to a camera. Often, this happens even more so than their fear of public speaking.

And we all know that the fear of public speaking is one of the most common problems many professionals face.

The most important point is that there is honestly Nothing to be fearful of when in front of a camera. The fear resides within the speaker because they are assuming that whoever is watching will be judging them harshly.

This is far from the truth. Your viewers will want to watch your videos and hear what you have to say with eager attentiveness and an open mind. Your audience want to learn from you and will hope fully conceive you as the expert in your field. You are the authority. 

So how do you change your thoughts which are the cause of your fear?

One simple way is to play a little game with yourself.

Imagine that the camera is a young child. And that you are explaining something very important to them.

You will need to slow your pace, keep a level of energy but not too hyper, enunciate clearly, and be as precise and concise (without going into all types of side tangents) as possible.

Be sure to really look into the child’s eyes to know if they are understanding your story, message or teachings.

How can you be afraid of a small child? A child who is ready and willing to accept whatever you have to share as the gospel truth. AS child’s innocence can help you be relaxed and feel confident in front of the camera.

The power of video is in it’s honesty.  If your eyes are conveying an message of importance, then the audience will receive that with gratitude.

Visualization is tip # 1 for how to be camera ready, relax in front of the camera, and shine in your video.

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