What looks good in real life is much different than what looks good on camera.Video is important because we’re visual creatures.

  1) What to wear, and what not to wear

WEAR SOLIDS. Stripes, houndstooth and other patterns will look strange and cause a moiré pattern. You don’t want your dancing shirt or blouse to “upstage” you.

Avoid pure white or black. Go with neutral colors or pastels. The camera will boost the contrast. Make sure your clothes are comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show up in your face and body language.

IF you are Doing any Greenscreen filming, Do NOT wear anything Green. When the editor takes out the Green Background, they will also take out your Green Clothes.

Avoid flashy or jewelry, and if you wear contacts or glasses, stick with contacts. Glasses reflect the glare of the lights, as does the jewelry. Again, you do not want the focus of the video to be your dangling earings.

  2) What to bring to a Video Shoot

  Take a couple different sets of clothes to any Video Shoot. Maybe the dark purple you’re wearing is an exact match for the background and you look like a floating head. It’s best to have options.

3) What to do

Act naturally. Easier said than done, but working with Video Magic Productions makes that process achievable.

4)Most Important of All.

Have FUN!!!!! If you are enjoying yourself, so will your Viewers.