Video is a very powerful medium. It is multi sensory.

 Having a video that can showcase your product or service if you are a business owner offers your viewers a feeling of 1 to 1 communication, personal engagement, and the next best thing to actually “being there”.

If you are a business owner who understands the power of video marketing in your business, but are either  1: too busy, 2: too overwhelmed 3: afraid of the camera, 4: worried about the cost of video, then you need to go to: to schedule your free 30 minute video consultation with me.

We at VideoMagic Productions understands the marketing needs of small business owners. We work with you very closely and take the burden and stress out of the video creation process. We hold your hand every step of the way from the initial consultation to delivery of the finished video project.

Many of our clients are unable to get together with us to do a video filming session. We offer coaching and advice on the best way for them to film themselves, their product, or their message and we take care of all the rest.

We even have many of our clients send us just a short audio file, and we then turn that into a fully edited, engaging, and entertaining video.

VideoMagic Productions Santa Clarita is also able to create a video for you from a simple concept. We offer video services to create explainer type videos, slideshow videos, and whiteboard videos.

Get in front of your competition by contacting VideoMagic Productions today at 661-755-1699.

Having a video compile or montage of your special life moments is the best way to create a “forever legacy”.

If you have old VHS tapes that are gathering dust in your closet or garage, they are slowly disintegrating year by year and so are the memories that go along with them. Don’t let this happen to you.

VideoMagic Productions can turn your old VHS tapes into a video memory that you and your family will cherish for years to come. We can convert the VHS files into a digital file which can be easily shared online.

If you are in need of a sports recruiting video for your star athlete, we can help you with that as well.

Many high schools are now filming their sports teams games both at home and away.

VideoMagic Productions is able to secure the footage from your desired games, whether it be soccer, football, baseball, volleyball or even tennis and edit into a sports highlight reel to be used as a college sports recruiting tool. This is also a wonderful gift for you to give your student athlete. 

contact us today to discuss any and all of your video need. We are easy to work with and affordable for every budget!!

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