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Business Videos

With Bonnie’s extensive experience both in front of and behind the camera, she brings a wealth of skills, expertise, knowledge and passion. She will seamlessly help you overcome any fear of the camera so you can share your message and tell your story by “speaking from the heart”.  Bonnie believes that every story and video is like a movie with a beginning, middle and end. Bonnie will hold your hand and make the process seem so simple from concept to filming to a final fully edited, moving, emotionally charged video creation.
A Year of the Journey-Photography for The Cure
Car Racing & Parties
Space Settlement Summit 2019 Are we Headed for the Moon?
How to Eat A Cupcake by Martha Aguilera of Kokolita Cakes & More
Doggy Duty US-Santa Clarita
Power of the Story: How this Video Promo earned her company their Largest Client
Sayezz Pilates & Beyond in Altadena, CA
Tower Podiatry – Elevation & Icing after an Injury to your Foot
Barbara Wogh speaks on the value of having an RN Senior Advocate
Lowell Steiger is a Personal Injury Attorney What is Pain & Suffering?
Infinity Med Spa Annual Health and Beauty Open House Event
Fertility Associates My Fertility option

Additional Business Videos

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Bonnie is a magician when it comes to video. She is a true artist and makes you feel like a star in your own picture show. The consummate professional Bonnie strives to make sure you are comfortable and at ease during your video shoot. You will appear as though you had been in front of the camera for years even if it is your first time. Most of all she captures you in such a way that people really get a sense of you which is what it is all about. Carol P★★★★★ I recently hired Bonnie to film my webmercial for my company. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but had never made my own video, skit or anything and am certainly not one for the camera by nature. Bonnie was patient in listening to my vision and understanding what I wanted to accomplish. She took my original ideas and combined them with her creative expertise to help me achieve a much better end product that I what I originally imagined. All of my customers, family and friends have said the webmercial is very cool, really nice, fun and that it definitely captures the personal voice of my company and my vision. I am so pleased with Bonnie’s professionalism, expertise and skill that she and I are already discussing filming additional videos about a variety of topics ranging from educational, fun, promotional and more. I’m excited about the potential of having her as my go-to video expert because it leaves me to focus on what I love to do most. I definitely recommend Bonnie and her services. Eric E★★★★★ I can’t say enough about Bonnie! I’m not sure if my spouse and I have ever encountered such a high quality experienced professional in the entertainment,film and production industry. Bonnie is as kind hearted, patient, easy to work as they come! Her services are QUICK,EFFICIENT and worth every dollar yet still affordable. We love to compare Bonnie to being a master conductor of a fine tuned symphony!She gets your vision before you have time to say anything. I hope everyone who is looking for a videographer and production and film professional will be blessed enough to work with Bonnie. Her heart,artistic expression and abilty to tell your story is something you can’t just find around any corner of the industry. She truly is one of those souls you need to meet in life. Just talking to her the first time was so refreshing and encouraging for my wife and I being new business owners. She has given us incredible professional business advice to help our business grow! Thankyou Bonnie for your incredible hard work and selfless time you put into filming, artistically editing,producing and just simply casually spending time getting to know your clients! So glad and blessed we all met Santa Clarita is better with businesses and people like you!!-Owners of Rock With Me and Dance,LLC. Eric G★★★★★ Previous Next