Video Magic Production filmed & Created this Highlight Reel for Newhall Family Theater

THE WHO’S CLUE: An Enchanting Musical Extravaganza by Major Impact Theater & Newhall Family Theatre Welcome to a world of mystery, intrigue, and toe-tapping melodies! Get ready to be captivated by “The Who’s Clue,” a sensational musical presented by Major Impact Theatre and the Newhall Family Theatre. This extraordinary production will transport you into a […]

Corporate Videography: Tell your Company Story and Grow Your Business Video Magic Productions has created a series of videos to introduce Paxterra Law, it’s mission, philosophy, and what makes Paxterra Law so unique and different. Why should you choose Paxterra Law for all your legal issues? Watch the video series created by VideoMagic Productions. Here is a bit of information about this amazing Law […]

The Power of Video Marketing why is VIDEO MARKETING so Important for the Sustenance of Your Business 1. Increased Reach:  Online video allows you to reach a much larger audience than traditionalmarketing methods, as it can be shared and viewed by anyone with access to the internet.  2.Improved Engagement:  Videos provide more engaging content for customers, increasing theirinterest in […]

How to Communicate with your clients through VIDEO

Communicate with Video Ease and offer that Extra Special feeling of       PERSONAL TOUCH Are you still relying on handing out business cards to prospective clients? Hoping that they remember your name and your face? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could recreate the experience for your prospects of meeting you and being excited […]

Now is the time for you to CREATE Videos for your Business

VideoMagic Productions is your one stop video shop for everything video related. I often hear from small business owners that they know they need to add video and video marketing to their business marketing plan. However, there are many reasons they find to procrastinate and put it off. One reason is that it takes too […]

How to Attract Clients, Earn their Trust and Grow Your Business

wedding video recording

We live in a fast-paced society where people have become impatient and skeptical. Instant gratification, I want it Now. And Skepticism, because everyone you meet seems to want to SELL you something. Therefore, how does a small business owner rise above the skepticism, the instant rejection or turn-off, the “What’s in it for Me”? attitudes […]

Are You Afraid of the Camera? Watch this video

VideoMagic Productions offers video services in Santa Clarita and surrounding cities. Established in 2008, Videomagic Productions has been offering award winning quality video filming and video editing services throughout Santa Clarita and Los Angeles. Video Magic Productions can help you be the best YOU in front of the camera. Want to increase your business? Increase […]

To Script or Not to Script-Do You Need a Video Script

TO SCRIPT or NOT TO SCRIPT-do you need a script to film your video ? Many small business owners feel the need to have a script when they film a promo video. They feel the need for a script as a “crutch”, something to “hold” on to just in case they Forget what they want […]