We Help You Turn Boring, Shaky Selfie Footage into Professional Video Promos

VideoMagic Productions offers Professional Video Services Santa Clarita & Beyond -Video Creation & Coaching https://www.videomagicpros.com call 661-755-1699 Video Magic Productions offers creative video services that can help turn your shaky, boring selfie video into an engaging, compelling video that will attract and convert your ideal target market. Bonnie Keith has a professional background as an […]

To Script or Not to Script-Do You Need a Video Script

TO SCRIPT or NOT TO SCRIPT-do you need a script to film your video ? Many small business owners feel the need to have a script when they film a promo video. They feel the need for a script as a “crutch”, something to “hold” on to just in case they Forget what they want […]

How to Attract Clients, Earn their Trust and Grow Your Business

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We live in a fast-paced society where people have become impatient and skeptical. Instant gratification, I want it Now. And Skepticism, because everyone you meet seems to want to SELL you something. Therefore, how does a small business owner rise above the skepticism, the instant rejection or turn-off, the “What’s in it for Me”? attitudes […]

Are You Afraid of the Camera? Watch this video

VideoMagic Productions offers video services in Santa Clarita and surrounding cities. Established in 2008, Videomagic Productions has been offering award winning quality video filming and video editing services throughout Santa Clarita and Los Angeles. Video Magic Productions can help you be the best YOU in front of the camera. Want to increase your business? Increase […]

Video Magic Productions Helps you Relax in front of the Camera

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Video Productions Santa Clarita… The best in town for Videography and Video Production Video Magic Productions offers professional video services in Santa Clarita and beyond to help small business owners take control of their video filming experience. Many small business owners in Santa Clarita know that they need to do video marketing and online video […]

How Bonnie Keith became passionate about Video and Photography

I, Bonnie Keith am the proud owner/operator of Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita. Video has been my passion for over 35 years. I have two grown children whose lives were documented on video as I always had a video camera in my hand as they were growing up. Those memories are beyond precious. Bonnie’s love […]


    Filming in front of a GREEN SCREEN can save your company tons of money and travel time. Just imagine that you can appear to be anywhere you choose Without the cost and hassle of travelling to that location. Green Screen videography is so verstaile and effective. The process is actually quite simple. You […]

Part 1: Why is an Online Presence so Important to you and Your Business?

EVERYONE is ONLINE. Young and not so young are now online using Zoom, Facetime, Skype, to communicate with friends and family. 2:  Seniors are online now more than ever, not just to communicate, but also to SHOP, research (get information, education), and find needed Services. 3:  A recent client of mine received an actual Phone […]