Hey, everyone. It’s so great to see you here. This is Bonnie Keith with Video Magic Productions. And I’m so glad that you stopped by. If you have any questions about any of the services that I can offer you so I can help create Video Magic for you.

Video and the apps that I use and everything that I do, it’s all about engagement. So that people can find you online, that’s the exposure, you will attract them. They will be engaged, you’ll communicate with them, and eventually you will convert them into someone who will buy your product or your service. So what makes you stand out from the crowd? 
I’m going to discuss some video apps programs and give you some simple tips to power up your website and marketing. One of them is chat bots or pop up videos. This next one, interactive video elements. I’m just I’m going crazy about this and I’m going to explain and show you what what I mean by this. It’s kind of the future of video, as far as I’m concerned. 
Video and graphics creation tools, how to add a clickable link to an image and why you would want to do that, how to embed video in an email .It’s something probably all you guys have and don’t know that you can use. And the value of that and adding captions to videos for both ADA compliance and for SEO. Then there’s video bots. 
And video bots offer people an interactive experience with the viewer. So somebody goes to my calendar, this Bonnie, down here pops up. So it’s not a video like in a video player. It actually it’s like I’m on top of the video and I talk to you and explain what you’re seeing on this page. And I can direct you to various parts of the page. So once again, it’s interactive.
 You get to see me, know me, and I get to make the whole experience more warm and fuzzy and friendly. Interactive videos will 10 times the engagement potential. It offers the viewer, the person who is watching the video. The ability to choose the information that’s important to them. It gives the viewer the ability to interact with the video. They choose whatever they want to do within the video. And again, here’s some here’s a screenshot of a video that I did.
 And as you can see, I’m pointing to see real estate videos. So as I’m talking in this video, someone can continue to watch me saying whatever I’m saying in the video or if they then want I brought in someone’s real estate video and I have this little button here that says C real estate video. And if you click on that, you can go and see this person’s real estate video right from within my video. Here are just eight different samples of some of the different type of interactive videos that I can help create for you guys. 
Next thing I wanted to show you is clickable links and images. Why would you want to use clickable links and images? Because it increases engagement again. Imagine if someone can click onto that image and go to your Web site or click on that image and go to your landing page or go to your sales page. It’s as simple as adding a clickable link.
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