THE WHO'S CLUE: An Enchanting Musical Extravaganza by Major Impact Theater & Newhall Family Theatre Welcome to a world of mystery, intrigue, and toe-tapping melodies! Get ready to be captivated by "The Who's Clue," a sensational musical presented by Major Impact Theatre and the Newhall Family Theatre. This extraordinary production will transport you into a mesmerizing universe of thrilling adventures. Join us as we uncover a riveting tale, blending mystery, humor, and fantastic tunes, promising an unforgettable theatrical experience for all audiences. “The Who’s Clue” a stage adaption for “Clue” the 1985 classic murder mystery. This show is about strangers invited to a mansion under mysterious circumstances all connected to in way one or another blackmailed by their host. But tragedy strikes and the host dies and nobody knows who done it. The guests start to piece together mystery to solve the crime.. "The Who's Clue" is a shining example of the power of collaboration between Major Impact Theater and the Newhall Family Theatre. Join Major Impact Theatre and the Newhall Family Theatre in this mesmerizing production that will surely become the highlight of your theater-going experience in Santa Clarita. Cheer on as our ACTORS , Not "actors with disabilities", just ACTORS treat you to fun whodunit!
Video Magic Productions filmed and edited this video for Major Impact Theatre and Newhall Family Theater.

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