Communicate with Video Ease and offer that Extra Special feeling of       PERSONAL TOUCH

Are you still relying on handing out business cards to prospective clients? Hoping that they remember your name and your face?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could recreate the experience for your prospects of meeting you and being excited to do business with you?

The above video is just one example of a video email communication to a client of mine AFTER we were on a zoom call together just a few minutes prior.

With this type of one to one interactive video communication, I was able to reach out to my client, thank him for a testimonial he gave me on the zoom call, and clarify some interactive video elements that I will be able to add to his video marketing  video promos.

How many times have you come home from a business meeting with a bunch of business cards, and you put them on your desk or in a box or in your trash can? Why is that such a common occurrence?

It is because we usually meet so many new people without having the time and opportunity to truly develop any type of relationship with them. We know that we must follow up with any potential prospects or business associates, but do we? Not usually.

We get too busy or afraid of making that phone call and being rejected.

If you had a way of reaching out to these potential clients in a non threatening, yet effective way, wouldn’t that be a huge bonus?

The ability to send a direct, personal video message offers you a means to re-establish whatever feelings you and the “viewer” had when you first met.

You will be “top of mind” and indelibly remembered.

Video communication can be a game changer for your marketing and following up with your target market.

Interactive video will keep your audience engaged and interested.

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