Why should you hire a professional videographer?

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For your wedding video, corporate videos, special occasions, any live event, and even YouTube videos. Why In today’s day of cell phones and iPads which have hi-res cameras capable of capturing quality video and photos, people often ask me “why should I hire a professional videographer or photographer”?. 

1. a professional videographer will work with you from conception to creation: beginning with a consultation to determine the goal of your video. The videographer will make a storyboard for the project so that you are both on the same page. 

We will discuss what a professional videographer offers that will make the difference between an absolutely memorable wedding video allowing you to relieve your “once in a lifetime” to one stitched together with friend’s cell phone videos; the difference between a marketing video for your business that will attract, engage and convert your viewer into a buyer to a shaky cell phone video that hardly represents the professional entrepreneur you are and image that you have strived so hard to achieve. 

2. a professional videographer will determine the best filming conditions to provide a video that will meet all your criteria. 

3. a professional videographer will offer insights prior to filming and throughout the editing process. These recommendations will also help to refine and perfect the “end result” of the video. 

4. a professional videographer will provide the highest quality of cameras; lights and audio. 

5. a professional videographer will create a video that presents you: your image, your branding, your production: your live event or your YouTube promotional video in the most compelling, and effective manner showcasing your talents to achieve the highest attraction and engagement possible. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

Do I want to attract a bigger audience to my live show next year? Do I want customers to find me on a google search and then be able to convert them into a paying customer? Do I want to have a professional, yet not too slick, branded image online for my business? Do I want to relax and enjoy the special party I planned and yet want a moving remembrance of the entire event for years to come? VideoMagic Productions is a professional videographer in Santa Clarita who will help you achieve your business video goals.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, give me a call at 661-755-1699 or email me at bonnie@yourvideopro.com.

Here are a few testimonials affirming all that I’ve discussed above: 

Mike L: “Bonnie provided me with her experience, her patience, and positive support throughout the making of my video.” 

Eve C: “Lastly, her ability to bring forward her internal self, her care of humanity, and her empathy and perception makes her the true Artist.” 

Bob E: Bonnie, VideoMagic is great. We hired her to video our drama performance, and she did a fabulous job. Delivered a high quality video in a timely manner. She also took some great photos. Easy to work with and well worth the $. We will rehire VideoMagic for our next event. 

I will be happy to discuss YOUR vision for Your video project. All videos produced by Video Magic Production are one of a kind, customizable to your individual needs. 

In my next post: I will discuss some specific guidelines to help you done in on your message and story telling.