COVID 19 Update

We, at Video Magic Productions, abide by all health & safety protocol in accordance with the State of California in regards to Covid-19.

We maintain social distancing, wear face masks, sanitize all equipment before & after use, wash our hands and maintain the utmost sanitized environment.

With that being said, we want you to feel comfortable and safe in hiring Video Magic Productions to film your “live “event or even to film your “zoom call” events. We also offer all types of video production services that do NOT include Live in person filming, such as “editing” your Facebook Live & Youtube Lives, or your Zoom calls.

We can create impactful videos for your business out of stock footage, graphics and music which will convert viewers into buyers, even and especially in today’s economic climate.

Do not let this opportunity to rise above your competition pass you by. We are caring and creative and will help you shine and prosper during Covid 19 and beyond.

The Power of Video Marketing why is VIDEO MARKETING so Important for the Sustenance of Your Business 1. Increased Reach:  Online video allows you to reach a much larger

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