Video marketing and advertising can be Daunting!! Everyone understands the importance and power of video for both their business and personal needs.

Video for business can help increase your online exposure, attract and engage the viewer. This ultimately will turn the viewer into a paying and loyal customer.

The Video ads that we create can be used to pull in new customers from social media and YouTube. Imagine running your video ad that is targeted to your ideal client at the exact moment they are looking to use your service.

Video for personal reasons should be fairly obvious, but people do not realize it’s importance until it is sometimes too late. I personally experienced the power of video over still photos when my husband passed away suddenly several years ago. Because I had video recorded hundreds of hours of our family travelling, playing together, enjoying life’s moments that my children and I now have those precious true to life memories. Although nothing can replace my husband actually being here, it is comforting to be able to remember his laughter, the sparkle in his eyes, the timber in his voice when he sang a duet with my son. A treasured legacy can be captured in a video.

If you have hundreds of hours of photos and videos on your phone, please strongly consider having someone create a professional video montage for you.

Don’t procrastinate because you think the task is too large, too complicated, or too expensive.

With VideoMagic Productions at your side, your family memories will be preserved in a beautiful video montage for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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