This is the Introduction video for Painting Your Heart Workshops. Christine Barone, owner and founder of Painting Your Heart Workshops  and I have worked together to begin creating a video series for her workshops.

In these videos, Christine describes how she came to have a passion and love for art that led her to creating this one of a kind, life enriching, art filled experience.

This video series shares Christine’s background and story, and continues on to debunk some myths about art, creative painting, as she gets to the heart of the power of Painting Your Heart Workshops.

In Christine’s own words,

Hi, I’m Christine Barone of Painting Your Heart workshops.

I’m so glad you’re here. Take a look around

and see all the different workshops I offer.

It’s an opportunity to have fun in a group setting

and feel a little bit better in the end. It’s a wonderfully healing experience.

And if you have any questions,

give me a call. Send me a text, email me.

I’d love to hear from you. And again, thanks for stopping by.

In this video, you will find find some interactive elements. If you click onto the green buttons that appear right inside the video as it is playing, you can be taken to another video in her series or taken to Christine’s website. At the end of the video, the next video in the series will begin to play. 

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