TO SCRIPT or NOT TO SCRIPT-do you need a script to film your video ?

Many small business owners feel the need to have a script when they film a promo video. They feel the need for a script as a “crutch”, something to “hold” on to just in case they Forget what they want to say in the video.

While a script does serve a definite purpose, it can also be disadvantageous to many.

 1:   Yes, a script helps you get a firm grasp on the content you will be providing in the video.

2:   A script can help five you a road map from the beginning to the end of the video. A script can help you focus on the main points of your message.

3:   A script can be a tool that can help you relax because you are afraid of “forgetting” what you need to say.

HOWEVER, a script can also be detrimental during the filming of the video IF the person being filmed is not proficient at reading and/or memorizing scripts.

You would need to ask yourself honestly how comfortable you are with a Memorized script. If you cannot memorize your script and “recite” the words naturally and spontaneously, then you should reconsider relying on a script for your video promo.

Unless you are very skilled and adept at Reading from a teleprompter, do NOT try to read your script while speaking to your target audience. The moment your eyes drift to the script , you will lose the eye contact and emotional connection you have had with the viewer.

In this video, I share my beliefs about scripts for video because of the practical experience I have had with so many of my clients. When a client has a script that they wrote for their promo video, they tend to get “stuck” in the words, rather than conveying the message and emotion. Write your script, but then, when we work together, we will find ways for you to utilize the script without having to read or memorize it. This will make you much more relaxed and truly emotionally available so you can bring out your true essence and passion.