R M. Simi Valley, CA I have worked with Bonnie the owner of Video Magic Productions through two different projects. The first project is how I got to know about Bonnie when she was shooting a video I was part of in south Orange County, CA. She came to the location very prepared and despite a lot of challenges with the Covid-19 closure of the center we were shooting the videos at and helping us (the subjects) pose properly in front of the camera and handling the ambient noise, she maintained her composure and calm and we had a great success. Many months later I reached out to Bonnie for the second project which I am currently working on and she agreed to accommodate my busy schedule by giving me her Sunday to work with me. We had a lot of adjustments to make with the lighting, script modifications, using a teleprompter and even post production which Bonnie has professionally helped me with and I am quite happy to post this review and personally talk to whomever wants to utilize her services in the future. I have plans for future work with Bonnie and I strongly recommend her to others.

Interactive Videos are the future of Video Technology. 


What is an Interactive Video? What Interactive Elements can be used within a video? What can it mean for you to use Interactive Video?

The main purpose of using an interactive element within your video is to offer your viewer the strongest type of engagement possible. Interactive Video Elements allow the Viewer to participate in the choice of what they wish to view. This process of offering your viewers a “say” in the content they will be watching, is a very powerful, engrossing, and highly engaging, compelling tool to use in your video marketing.

Let’s say, for example, that you are offering an education series which includes 20 different video segments, chapters, or episodes.

Rather than having to search online or on Youtube or even within your own website for the specific episode the viewer may want to watch, you can give them the choices easily by offering interactive “Hotspots” or “buttons” or “chapters” or “quizzes” right inside your main intro video. The viewer can decide that they have seen enough of the introduction, are interested in learning more, and then THEY choose exactly and specially what they want to learn about.

The video above shows some mere examples of some of these interactive elements. Once the viewer chooses to watch a specific video after the original introduction, they will be automatically directed to that new video. And they are once again presented with various interactive options in this 2nd video, which allows them once again to decide for themselves what is most important to watch next.

If you sell a certain line of beauty products, you can, after a few seconds into your intro video, ask if the viewer is a Man or a Woman. They can then click on to watch whichever video will pertain more to them instead of watching a generic video.

Interactive videos get your message across in a concise and much more target directed approach than any other type of video marketing strategy.

The Next Step

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1. a professional videographer will work with you from conception to creation: beginning with a consultation to determine the goal of your video. The videographer will make a storyboard for the project so that you are both on the same page. 

We will discuss what a professional videographer offers that will make the difference between an absolutely memorable wedding video allowing you to relieve your “once in a lifetime” to one stitched together with friend’s cell phone videos; the difference between a marketing video for your business that will attract, engage and convert your viewer into a buyer to a shaky cell phone video that hardly represents the professional entrepreneur you are and image that you have strived so hard to achieve. 

2. a professional videographer will determine the best filming conditions to provide a video that will meet all your criteria. 

3. a professional videographer will offer insights prior to filming and throughout the editing process. These recommendations will also help to refine and perfect the “end result” of the video. 

4. a professional videographer will provide the highest quality of cameras; lights and audio. 

5. a professional videographer will create a video that presents you: your image, your branding, your production: your live event or your YouTube promotional video in the most compelling, and effective manner showcasing your talents to achieve the highest attraction and engagement possible. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

Do I want to attract a bigger audience to my live show next year?
 Do I want customers to find me on a google search and then be able to convert them into a paying customer?
 Do I want to have a professional, yet not too slick, branded image online for my business?
 Do I want to relax and enjoy the special party I planned and yet want a moving remembrance of the entire event for years to come?

 VideoMagic Productions is a professional videographer in Hollywood who will help you achieve your business video goals.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, give me a call at 661-755-1699 or email me today.

Here are a few testimonials affirming all that I’ve discussed above: 

Mike L: “Bonnie provided me with her experience, her patience, and positive support throughout the making of my video.” 

Eve C: “Lastly, her ability to bring forward her internal self, her care of humanity, and her empathy and perception makes her the true Artist.” 

Bob E: Bonnie, VideoMagic is great. We hired her to video our drama performance, and she did a fabulous job. Delivered a high quality video in a timely manner. She also took some great photos. Easy to work with and well worth the $. We will rehire VideoMagic for our next event. 

I will be happy to discuss YOUR vision for Your video project. All videos produced by Video Magic Production are one of a kind, customizable to your individual needs.