What is Green Screen Photography? 

Green Screen Photography refers to a process by which you take a photo or film a video in front of a GREEN background. When editing, the Green Screen background color is actually Removed and replaced by a transparent background. Once you have a transparent background, you are able to replace the transparency with any other image (.jpg ) or video clip.The possibilities are endless.

These photos were taken at a special event called The Senior Expo organized by the Foundation for Senior Services, a non profit organization benefiting seniors and their families.

VideoMagic Productions set up a Green Screen Photo area to offer free photos to all attendees as a treasured memory, especially for those seniors who came to the event with another family member.

Green Screen can be used in place of or in conjunction with a traditional photo booth at any special event or live occasion. Green Screen is also useful for businesses when shooting a video but unable to be on location in Paris , for example. Filming in front of a green screen allows you to place the subject anywhere in the world they wish to be.

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