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Video Magic Productions offers professional video services in Santa Clarita and beyond to help small business owners take control of their video filming experience.

Many small business owners in Santa Clarita know that they need to do video marketing and online video marketing but are literally, “afraid of the camera”. They do not understand the importance of being the face of their business so the viewing public can get to know them, like them and trust them. Therefore, they either deny the need for video in their marketing plans altogether or they try too hard to be the “perfect” image of themselves.

Neither one of these options is acceptable in today’s video marketing world.

Some of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make when creating their promo videos, is to sound too scripted and salesy. No one wants to be sold to. No one wants to watch or listen to anyone who isn’t genuine and sincere.

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Going Off Script

The viewing audience is sophisticated and can tell when the speaker is trying too hard to convince or sell or speaking as if they have been scripted rather than speaking from their hearts.

The “trick” is to speak as you normally would to a friend asking you, “how are you doing”? Share a story, share your passions, a special tip or “did you know”: that would immediately be of help to the viewer. In other words, share, don’t sell.
Offer advice, tips, little tricks, insider info you may know or be aware of, anything that touches your heart in the realm of personal stories are powerful bits for any video promo.

See The Results after Bonnie helps you relax

Watch this short video clip to see Bonnie in action working a very nervous video client who has been putting off doing videos for their business for years.

Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita offers video coaching services as well as full video production services to Santa Clarita and surrounding cities. VideoMagic Productions offers full video production services such as filming, video editing, and video marketing and SEO.

If you are in need of corporate or promotional videos for your business, VideoMagic Productions Santa Clarita is the solution.

Bonnie Keith owner/operator of VideoMagic Productions is a professional actress and award-winning videographer. Bonnie works individually with each client to bring out their best in a fun, relaxed working environment.  

Client Testimonial

Hear the process and see the results. This video shares the client’s honest, spontaneous testimonial for VideoMagic Productions.

Video Magic Productions offers amazing video services in the Santa Clarita area, and if you’re interested in Bonnies video services be sure to schedule a call today!