Youtube’s Hottest New Talk Show created by Darlene Gomez and Produced by Bonnie Keith

A weekly 15 minute talk show featuring a new special guest each episode.

The CHAT LA is purposeful in its mission to educate, entertain, inspire and motivate. To introduce the viewers to valuable products and services which can affect their daily lifestyle.

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Educate, Entertain, Inspire & Motivate

The CHAT LA will offer hope and a positive outlook to many who think they are the only ones suffering, troubled, confused, or desperate.

Our guests will share their personal struggles and journey, and share how they achieved their level of success. And you can too.

Bonnie Keith is a co-founder of The CHAT LA. Bonnie is the video producer, creator, director and editor of The CHAT LA. She also appears on several episodes. Bonnie has an interesting journey of her own to share.

Bonnie is an award winning videographer who can help your Youtube Channel, TV Show, Facebook Live Broadcasts, Radio show, or any other media production get to the next level by sharing your story in a visually inspiring way, attracting your target audience and converting them to paying customers.