Brenda Avadian, MA

Videographer Bonnie Keith is the absolutely the best videographer I have worked with for 38 years!

The bonuses of working with her are all the extras many of us don’t even think to ask.

1. She was and will always be an actress.
She takes the knowledge of how she appears in front of the camera and brings that eye to her behind-the-camera work. When she’s working, she’s totally focused on us, her clients.

2. She’s easy to work with.
She is eager to please while upholding quality.
She does all the hard work that goes along with multi-camera shoots and the intense work of post-production.

3. She gives us more than we know to ask for.
Sometimes, I don’t even think of something until later. When I view the video she produced, I am surprised she’s already done what I thought of.

I first worked with Bonnie when she was brought in to do a one-camera shoot. I think she brought in 4 cameras! WAOW! Anyway, I work with her any chance I get because she’s THAT GOOD… besides, she’s FUN and KIND!


Bonnie just finished editing some dance videos for me, which you can see on my website at I love them! She kept them visually interesting from start to finish and made me look good all the way. I can tell she did a very careful and meticulous job of editing them. She had an hour of footage for each of three four-minute songs, and she really chose carefully and wisely to keep it visually entertaining. Even apart from the songs and dances, which are my work, her work is lots of fun to watch! And her rates are very very reasonable for the product I got! And she is really nice to work with, a pleasure to hang out with while I was doing something very important to me. Highly recommend!

Michael T. – Valencia, CA

I help people with Medicare and Medicare is definitely difficult to understand.
Changes are made annually with this program so I started a website to try and explain Medicare and the various choices people have with their enrollment.

I decided a video would be a good learning tool and initially tried to make my own and
I ended up wasting a lot of time and money.
My website developer recommended Ms. Bonnie Keith from Video Magic Productions
to make the video for me. I was told Ms. Keith was a professional, easy to get along with, and her prices were reasonable and fair.

I met with Ms. Keith at her studio and everything I was told about her was true.
I was nervous to be on camera but Bonnie reassured me that if necessary she could do retakes and use different angles from multiple cameras within her studio.
After I saw my first attempt at making my video I was not happy with my performance.
Bonnie suggested adding “sketching characters” and a little humor to the video so it would no longer be me just sitting there talking about Medicare.
I liked these suggestions and our subsequent “shoot” was much better and the added features were great. They made my video easier to watch and aided the viewer in understanding the subject matter of Medicare. I am very excited and pleased with the end result of this video.

Ms. Keith’s knowledge and creativity regarding video production has helped to enhance my website by making it lively and refreshing.
Bonnie provided me with her experience, her patience, and positive support throughout the making of my video.
She absolutely contributed to helping my website appear interesting and professional.
I highly recommend Ms. Bonnie Keith and her company Video Magic Productions.

Marsha S. – Woodland Hills, Woodland Hills, CA

I want to take a few minutes to send you a big hank you from my heart. Not only are you so talented, creative and a brilliant solution solver you bring with you compassion and patience (after the shooting is completed). making the video a perfect memory for family and fiends to enjoy forever. You captured the love and laughter. My family and i are so lucky you and ChiaMei connected and hit it off. How we have benefitted!!!!

David C. – Newhall, Newhall, CA

I recently worked with Bonnie Keith of VideoMagic on editing video of my daughter’s performing arts portfolio for college applications. I asked Bonnie to turn raw video material I provided from various types of recordings into polished finished products, using her post-production editing expertise to adjust lighting & sound volume and file size in addition to adding introductory text to each of three recordings. The results were excellent! Of the four people I contacted through the Yelp smartphone app, Bonnie was the only person that responded promptly and followed through with providing an estimate, answering all of my questions, and setting up a meeting within a few days of my first contact. She allowed me to participate in the editing process in her home office to avoid lengthy back-and-forth email discussions, so the entire editing process lasted less than 3 hours from start to finish. Bonnie was very professional, friendly, and flexible throughout the editing session. She is clearly an expert in using various editing programs to optimize the outcome. The price she charged was very affordable, too. I highly recommend Bonnie Keith and VideoMagic for your next video recording or editing project!

Adriana A. – Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough about this company. For someone as self conscious as I am , Bonnie makes the experience fun and painless. She gives me suggestions but ALWAYS makes sure I get what I WANT. She’s amazing and I use her for my bakery videos all the time. Highly recommend!

Abi C. – Valencia, CA

What can I say about Bonnie?! She is so sweet and patient as you work through your nerves on “game day”, guiding and prompting you through anything and everything that comes up. She works tirelessly to present you with a product that will blow you away and I highly recommend her for your business and personal video needs!

Alexander H. – VALENCIA, CA

Bonnie does an amazing video! and is just the greatest person 🙂 I love working with her she is so professional and sooo friendly! Love her!!!

Arthur B. – Temple City, CA

I picked Video Magic after searching various sites on the web, and I’m glad I did. My video project turned out great.

Christopher B. – Castaic, CA

Absolutely Great!!!! As a professional that relies upon videos to post on Youtube, Facebook, Blog, Website etc… I understand the importance of quality work. Before meeting Bonnie, the previous videographer did an ok job. But Bonnie did a GREAT job! She made me look better on camera than I actually am. I will continue to use Bonnie in all other video projects. As a matter of fact, I have an up-and-coming keynote address that i will have her video for me. AND of course, I do recommend her to anyone that ask me for if I know a great videographer.