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Video Magic Productions Sunland Video Studio Location

Video Magic Productions has a special location in Sunland California to create your videos on location. Welcome to our Sunland studio fully equipped for all your video, audio and photography needs. We do Green Screen video and photography.

Our Company

Video Magic was born while fulfilling the needs of small business owners, salespeople, professionals, and artists.

 We created a separate studio in Sunland to better handle demand for studio quality video production.

Come visit our Sunland location for on site video production.

Providing high quality, cost effective, creatively compelling videos, we use a marketing platform of personal branding to get your message directly to each customer.

Online Video Marketing is simple, fun, and effective.

Small business owners know that they need a video presence on the web, but are unsure of where to go, how to get it, or what to do. They fear the “new” technology, the cost, and speaking in front of a camera. Marketing ideas, the strategies and how to implement them are an unknown territory for most small business owners.

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Live Stream video

Live Virtual Streaming Services

Video Magic Productions offers the solution you’ve been looking for to include viewers too far to attend your event in person.

Video Magic Productions offers a multi cam, immersive Virtual Live Streaming service for your celebrations, parties, funerals, memorial services or any other “Live” occasion.


Bringing Your Video Moments To Life

We are a premiere video production company in Sunland offering high quality videos at prices anyone can afford.

Get one step ahead of the competition with an eye catching, vibrant, personal, customized videos. We produce high quality videos from filming to final edited production.

Video Magic Productions offers the solution you’ve been looking for: to market your products and services with trackable results. Attract new customers, re-engage with existing clients by offering a special of the week, send a video email newsletter, video testimonials and product demos, speaker reels, grand openings, book signings, use as an ongoing educational tool or for a unique & compelling way to offer your services, sell your products, and share your story.

Video Magic Productions voted “Ultimate Wedding Videographer” by Elite Magazine 2018, 2019 & 2022. Also Awarded Best Video Production Services in Sunland by Upcity 2022, and Best Videographer by Three Best Rated 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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