"SHOW & TELL" Videos can Help you Show your Product or Service

A recent report by Forrester found that a video is worth a massive 1.8 million words.1 That means that you, as a merchant, have the opportunity to tell a story, captivate your audience and engage with them as they take in 1.8 million words worth of information about what you’ve got to offer them.

Take a moment to consider that 96% of customers find product videos useful when shopping online. With product videos, you have the potential to captivate the minds of 96% of customers as you engage them with your 1.8 million word story. Wow.

Now we know that user generated content being king. It’s not just about getting your video seen, it’s about it being trusted. User generated content is 50% more trusted than other media, meaning that if a customer sees your video after it’s been shared by someone they know, they’re 50% more likely to take it seriously.

Videos capture the attention of your audience members longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising medium. Producing professional-quality video is essential not only because you can promote your business in a more dynamic way, but you can leverage your brand in places where still images and text cannot go.

“SHOW & TELL” Type videos are a great way to share your product or service.  If you offer a physical product, just fil your self using the product to show off its value, the problem it solves, the benefits and what makes it better than other products of the same genre.

Creating these types of videos does NOT need to be an overwhelming process for you. Plus, at first, you don’t even need to be on camera yourself (if you are camera shy). You can even film using your phone or webcam making sure the lighting is appropriate.

Be sure to hold your phone horizontally, rather than vertically, to avoid the dreaded “Black Bars” around the video. Purchase a small ring light. An external microphone, for better audio, would also be useful.

Add some music, graphics, and a CTA (Call to Action) to the video and you will have a professional looking video.