Bonnie, I’ve recommended you
Brenda Avadian, MA Expert Speaker for Dementia Caregivers, Author,, STUFFologist, Board of Directors Member
October 1, 2014 9:04 AM
Brenda Avadian, MA has recommended your work as a Owner/Operator Full Video Production Services at VideoMagic Productions.

Here is the recommendation of your work that my heart shared this morning.
There’s more I can say.

“I hate to give Bonnie a recommendation because then she’ll be busier and not have enough time for my projects… But to be fair here’s why I’ve dubbed her the “Video Surgeon.”
Bonnie was hired to do a single-camera shoot of my keynote. We talked in advance about what I’d like and she got a feeling for what I wanted. She visited the venue and returned telling me she decided it needs a three-camera shoot. WOW! The day of the event, she had FIVE cameras! And she didn’t charge me extra! Here’s where it gets interesting…

After the event or post-production is just as important as the shoot… Careers are made and broken on the “cutting room floor.” Bonnie took an overwhelming amount of video (from five cameras) and assembled them into a compelling story that went beyond my imagination. Now, I have a documentary length video!

Well, I couldn’t stop there! I asked if we could excerpt some video shorts (for today’s shorter-attention spans on YouTube) and she accepted. She has so much pride in giving her customers a superb and memorable video that she hesitates to ask for more money. I paid her more because it’s important to build relationships with people these days who have pride in producing quality work.

A simple one-camera shoot with 2 or 3 video excerpts became a five-camera shoot and a documentary-length video plus 5 video shorts AND photos that I’m using everywhere!