TIPS & IDEAS FOR YOUR NEXT VIDEO MARKETING Videos are one of the best forms of marketing, and they’re incredibly useful for businesses.  A promo video is a short video that promotes your products or services. The perfect promo video will do more than just share a marketing message—it will tell a story that will […]

Intro Video for Painting Your Heart Workshops

This is the Introduction video for Painting Your Heart Workshops. Christine Barone, owner and founder of Painting Your Heart Workshops  and I have worked together to begin creating a video series for her workshops. In these videos, Christine describes how she came to have a passion and love for art that led her to creating […]

Now is the time for you to CREATE Videos for your Business

VideoMagic Productions is your one stop video shop for everything video related. I often hear from small business owners that they know they need to add video and video marketing to their business marketing plan. However, there are many reasons they find to procrastinate and put it off. One reason is that it takes too […]