Filming in front of a GREEN SCREEN can save your company tons of money and travel time. Just imagine that you can appear to be anywhere you choose Without the cost and hassle of travelling to that location.

Green Screen videography is so verstaile and effective.

The process is actually quite simple. You need a quality green screen without wrinkles. The green screen must be well lit without any shadows being cast from objects of people.

The best way to achieve even lighting is with a 3 point lighting system plus adding some backlighting. Also, it is very important to have enough space so that the subject being filmed is at least 6 feet in front of the green screen.

Once you have the footage your require, the next step is to KEY OUT the green background. This is called “chroma keying”, and will turn the background transparent. This process will allow you to “place” any image or video BEHIND the subject, creating the look and feel AS IF, they are somewhere of their choosing.

If you would like a more detailed tutorial or explanation of the entire Green Screen filming and editing process, please contact Bonnie.