How to Improve your Online Presence during Covid-19 and Beyond Video Magic Productions is here to help you maximize all the selfie videos, zoom calls, Facebook Live videos you are currently creating. These videos can be used effectively to create more business leads if they are optimized correctly for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so they will rank higher on Youtube and Google. Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita Formula for: Successful Business profile Video Shoot: Whether you are shooting your own selfie video for your business, or you hire a professional video production service, there are several key factors which can help propel your video session and have a positive, profitable end result. If you are taking the time and energy and possibly money to create these videos, make sure you maximize their unlimited potential to ensure they give you the result you are striving for. Especially with today’s current situation, everyone is going virtual. The digital world is now everyday and commonplace. My humble opinion is that this increased desire for people and businesses to seek an online presence is going to continue and grow from now on. So here are some tips for creating a video that will help you attract and engage your audience and convert viewers into buyers. A video should feel and act just like a Movie with a Beginning (introduction), middle (content), and end (Resolution and call to Action). 1: Introduce yourself and your business 2: Pain Point/Problem you solve for clients/viewers……what will happen if they don’t solve this problem. 3: your solution to their problem….be specific…. 4: One or two specific pieces of advice or “tip”-a take away the viewer can use right now 5: What makes you uniquely qualified to help them solve the problem. Other pertinent information your viewers would find valuable 6: at end, repeat your name and business and 7: CTA-call to action: such as, ”if you have any questions, I would be thrilled to answer…..” DO Not just say, Call me at….or go to my website for more info…… You want to continue to add value even in the call to action.