New Flash for Actors and Performing Artists

Video Magic Productions has joint ventured with DSY Productions

We now offer a full spectrum of services for Actors: Self Tape Auditions, VoiceOver Auditions, Demo Reels, Coaching, and More…… our newly upgraded Studio

Video Introduction

Upgraded Studio Virtual Tour

Actor Demo Reels:

At DSY, we have the expertise to create the most engaging, exciting and superbly effective actors’ reel.

Actor Demo Reels:

You need the best video representation of your work and talent. We, at DSY Productions, have the expertise in editing, the eye for choosing the most impactful moments, decades of experience to know what the casting directors are looking for, and the caring to craft an engaging, exciting, and superbly effective actors’ reel.

Just Need To Update Your Existing Reel?

Starting at $125.00

Full Demo Reel:

Starting at: $200.00 We charge per project, not hourly.


Voice over auditions are available and are the same price as self tapes. ($1.00 per minute/$30 minimum). Voice over auditions will be recorded on a cardioid microphone or a high quality lavalier.

Coaching, editing and delivery are included. Your files will be sent as an MP3.

Schedule your pre-recording consultation.

Filming Actors Scenes for Reels:

If the footage you currently have doesn’t show off your best talents, we can film your scene using a 3 camera filming and editing technique. You will then have a professional level scene on your reel. We will film at our studio (or on location.. upon request).

Video camera recording


Photography Professional

DSY Productions in association with Bonnie Keith of award-winning Video Magic Productions, will film your scene to create a professional video to add to your demo reel.

We employ a 3 camera system with 3 point lighting, backlight, lavalier and boom mics, and multi camera editing to create a professional video of your work.

Is your demo reel missing the variety of characters that you CAN portray? Now you can show the casting world what you can do. We can help you by creating a video of your scene(s) to show off your many talents and versatility.


Prices start at $500.00 for a 90 minute session at our studio. Price includes filming, editing and delivery of product digitally. Cost includes an additional 30 minute setup for rehearsal, direction, setting up camera angles and lighting, sound testing, and wardrobe selection. If you go over the 90 minutes of shooting, there is an additional charge of $125.00 per hour or fraction of.

We do not provide hair and makeup. Actors should come camera ready.

Green Screen: Additional $150.00 per session

If you want hair and make up, it can be arranged at an additional cost.

Talk Show

For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your specific needs

We Make It Simple:

We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, your footage, your vision.

Bring in or send your footage (on a DVD, flash drive, via email, or as a YouTube link). We will review your footage with you, discuss and answer any questions that you have, and offer our recommendations.

Once we have all the footage, we can give you an exact cost for the reel.

Then we begin our work.

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Schedule your free 30-minute consultation

COVID-19 SAFETY: – DO NOT book with us if you have ANY symptoms of illness or have been exposed to anyone with COVID Symptoms in the last 14 days. We will be taking your temperature upon entry. – Clients are required to wear a mask at all times and up until the time of taping. Please don’t enter the studio without a mask. If you have NOT been wearing a mask in public we ask that you please do not book with us at this time.