Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita Formula For A Successful Business Profile Video Shoot.

Whether you are shooting your own selfie video for your business, or you hire a professional video production service, there are several key factors which can help propel your video session and have a positive, profitable end result.

If you are taking the time and energy and possibly money to create these videos, make sure you maximize their unlimited potential to ensure they give you the result you are striving for.

Especially with today’s current situation, everyone is going virtual. The digital world is now everyday and commonplace. My humble opinion is that this increased desire for people and businesses to seek an online presence is going to continue and grow from now on.

So here are some tips for creating a video that will help you attract and engage your audience and convert viewers into buyers.

A video should feel and act just Just like a Movie with a Beginning (introduction), middle (content), and end (Resolution and call to Action).

  1. Introduce yourself and your business
  2. Pain Point/Problem you solve for clients/viewers……what will happen if they don’t solve this problem.
  3. your solution to their problem….be specific….
  4. One or two specific pieces of advice or “tip”-a take away the viewer can use right now
  5. What makes you uniquely qualified to help them solve the problem.  Other pertinent information your viewers would find valuable
  6. at end, repeat your name and business and
  7.  CTA-call to action: such as,”if you have any questions, I would be thrilled to answer…..”

DO Not just say, Call me at….or go to my website for more info……

You want to continue to add value even in the call to action.

Things to consider:

  1. Be concise and to the point. Do not ramble or go off on tangents. Think of this as a “teaser” reel to give just enough info. To make viewer interested and wanting to know more.
  2. The goal of the video is :
    1. to educate the viewer
    2. having them perceive you as the “expert in your field”
    3. sharing info rather than “selling” 
    4. coming across as “approachable” and “knowledgeable” so the viewer will feel that they know you, like you, and trust you and will therefore want to do business with you.

Preparation for the Day of filming:

  1.  Wear solid color, no stripes or busy clothing or jewelry (distracting and the camera doesn’t like it)
    1.   Pastel colors are great…IF we are using a green screen, do NOT wear Green
  2. Know the highlights/Bullet points. Try NOT to be Reading your script. Memorize as best you can but do NOT rely on that.. It is difficult enough to be in front of the camera which may make some of you nervous, and trying to REMEMBER Your Script at that time becomes increasingly difficult and not at all effective. .Just remember your bullet points, speak directly to the camera as if talking to your best friend, don’t rush, have energy, and you will be “speaking from your Heart” and just allow the topic to flow. Very powerful.
  3.  Allow yourself several “takes” until you are satisfied that you have good enough footage or, if working with a professional, they will be editing your video and you will have several “takes” until you get it right.

If working with Bonnie at Video Magic Productions,   Bonnie will help you relax in front of the camera. Video filming sessions will be fun, productive experiences, also known as:  “Playtime with Bonnie”.

How Bonnie Keith became passionate about Video and Photography

I, Bonnie Keith am the proud owner/operator of Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita. Video has been my passion for over 35 years. I have two grown children whose lives were documented on video as I always had a video camera in my hand as they were growing up. Those memories are beyond precious. Bonnie’s love for video started back in the early 80’s when video was just coming into being. Before there was any type of /pro/consumer video equipment or technology, there was only film and 35mm. The major studios who did use video incorporated 3/4 inch Tape as the standard media. That is what I began to use when I started my first video productions company called RBK Color Video, Inc. with my husband Rob. I was a professional actress and began helping other actors and performers get greater exposure by taping their performances so they could mail the tape to an agent or booking manager for possible work.

My love of video naturally extends to photography as well. Even though photos are “still”, I see movement and life in every single one.

The photos shown in this post are of a recent wedding that I photographed.  And I realized when editing the photos and delivering 900 of them to my client, what makes Bonnie keith and Video Magic Productions different and unique with both video and photography?

Everything I film or photograph MUST tell a story. Yes, of course, wedding photos are supposed to be beautiful but that isn’t the only criteria. The photos should tell a story, have an emotional impact on the viewer, very similar to a movie. Video, of course, needs to tell a story but many people underestimate the story telling power of photos as well.

Aside from the traditional portrait photos, I get right in the middle of the action, from close0-up and far away to capture the life and joy and thrill and heart of each moment of a wedding day.

to see more photography by Bonnie keith and Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita, go to:


The photos shown in this post are of a recent wedding that I photographed.  And I realized when editing the photos and delivering 900 of them to my client, what makes Bonnie keith and Video Magic Productions different and unique with both video and photography?

Everything I film or photograph MUST tell a story. Yes, of course, wedding photos are supposed to be beautiful but that isn’t the only criteria. The photos should tell a story, have an emotional impact on the viewer, very similar to a movie. Video, of course, needs to tell a story but many people underestimate the story telling power of photos as well.

Aside from the traditional portrait photos, I get right in the middle of the action, from close0-up and far away to capture the life and joy and thrill and heart of each moment of a wedding day.

to see more photography by Bonnie keith and Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita, go to:

Sharing The Power Of Video

Bonnie using a video camera

Bonnie Keith employs her expertise as a professional actress to share the power of video. Bonnie has been working in the video industry for over 35 years and was actually a pioneer in that field back in the late 70’s. With the experience she has both in front of and behind the camera, Bonnie is a wealth of information. She has recently been Rated # 1 videographer in Santa Clarita by 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, is a Yelp award recipient, A top choice, and was voted Ultimate Wedding Videographer in Santa Clarita 2018 and 2019. Bonnie’s videography services are called upon from all over the country.

Her approach is practical and creative. She will speak about how best to create videos that will impact and convert. She will discuss the ways of helping you overcome any fear you have of the camera. She will speak on video topics ranging from the inception of the idea for a video all the way to publishing and marketing that video.

Bonnie’s approach to video creation is that of movie making. Every video, no matter the topic, MUST tell a story and have an emotional impact on the audience. Bonnie will help you understand the ways to achieve this as well as grasping the importance of video in your business marketing.

Bonnie is completely self taught and has learned the intricate ins and outs of all aspects of video through on site and hands on experience. Bonnie’s passion has been her dedication to learning, teaching, and creating beautiful videos for both business promo and personal life events.

Video Magic Productions Helps you Relax in front of the Camera

Bonnie Keith Photography

Video Productions Santa Clarita... The best in town for Videography and Video Production

Video Magic Productions offers professional video services in Santa Clarita and beyond to help small business owners take control of their video filming experience.

Many small business owners in Santa Clarita know that they need to do video marketing and online video marketing but are literally, “afraid of the camera”. They do not understand the importance of being the face of their business so the viewing public can get to know them, like them and trust them. Therefore, they either deny the need for video in their marketing plans altogether or they try too hard to be the “perfect” image of themselves.

Neither one of these options is acceptable in today’s video marketing world.

Some of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make when creating their promo videos, is to sound too scripted and salesy. No one wants to be sold to. No one wants to watch or listen to anyone who isn’t genuine and sincere.

2020 ThreeBestRated Best Videographer 2020

Going Off Script

The viewing audience is sophisticated and can tell when the speaker is trying too hard to convince or sell or speaking as if they have been scripted rather than speaking from their hearts.

The “trick” is to speak as you normally would to a friend asking you, “how are you doing”? Share a story, share your passions, a special tip or “did you know”: that would immediately be of help to the viewer. In other words, share, don’t sell.
Offer advice, tips, little tricks, insider info you may know or be aware of, anything that touches your heart in the realm of personal stories are powerful bits for any video promo.

See The Results after Bonnie helps you relax

Watch this short video clip to see Bonnie in action working a very nervous video client who has been putting off doing videos for their business for years.

Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita offers video coaching services as well as full video production services to Santa Clarita and surrounding cities. VideoMagic Productions offers full video production services such as filming, video editing, and video marketing and SEO.

If you are in need of corporate or promotional videos for your business, VideoMagic Productions Santa Clarita is the solution.

Bonnie Keith owner/operator of VideoMagic Productions is a professional actress and award-winning videographer. Bonnie works individually with each client to bring out their best in a fun, relaxed working environment.  

Client Testimonial

Hear the process and see the results. This video shares the client’s honest, spontaneous testimonial for VideoMagic Productions.

Video Magic Productions offers amazing video services in the Santa Clarita area, and if you’re interested in Bonnies video services be sure to schedule a call today!

How To Reach Your Target Audience

Bonnie Keith videographer taking photo's

As a small business owner, one of our biggest challenges is getting in front of a large enough audience. There are only 24 hours in the day, and there are only so many networking meetings that we can attend in the month.

The absolute best way to earn someone’s trust and convert them into a paying and buying customer is to meet face-to-face. The human factor cannot be discounted in business marketing. But again, there are limits and how many of these in person meetings we can accomplish in a short period of time.

So what is the next best thing? That would be a way for you to share your story, get your message across, attract your potential audience, engage that audience, establish a trust factor, and be perceived as the expert in your field. You could do this 24/7, have an unlimited global reach, and the best part is, “you don’t even have to be there”.

The answer is simple. Online video marketing. Online video marketing is the king of Internet content. A professionally created promo video, containing all the elements that goes Google and your future clients love, can be the best marketing investment you will ever make for your business.

What are some of these elements? First of all, the video must look professional as a reflection of your business brand. Filming the video on your phone and using that as a promotional piece for your business will reflect poorly on you. This is not to say that the video be a slick, Hollywood type video representation with just a lot of pizzazz but no heart.

The videographers job while filming your promo video is not just to make sure that the lighting and the sound are of the highest quality, although that is an integral part. The real job of the videographer is to bring out the heart of your business, the human factor. When people watch your video, you want them to feel that you are speaking directly to them with care, honesty and passion.

This is where Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita can work their magic to help you incorporate all those dynamic elements into your video promo.
Bonnie Keith of Video Magic Productions is an award-winning videographer and professional actress. She will hold your hand every step of the way through the video creation process. She will make sure that your vision for your business comes through at the core of the video.

For more information or to see how Bonnie can help you reach more of your target audience and convert them into customers, please feel free to call her at: 661 – 755 – 1699.

How to Attract Clients, Earn their Trust and Grow Your Business

wedding video recording

We live in a fast-paced society where people have become impatient and skeptical. Instant gratification, I want it Now. And Skepticism, because everyone you meet seems to want to SELL you something.

Therefore, how does a small business owner rise above the skepticism, the instant rejection or turn-off, the “What’s in it for Me”? attitudes prevalent in today’s world and marketplace?

You will find that one reason most people will not buy your product or service is because they have already turned off their attention when you tried to “sell” it to them. If you don’t grab someone’s attention in the first few seconds of speaking with them, you have lost them.
So you ask, how do I grab someone’s attention if I don’t tell them about my company, my product, my service? Isn’t that what I am there for, to sell?

Well, the answer is a little bit of yes but a lot of NO. When you meet someone who might possibly be interested in your business, the quickest way to lose that interest is to talk about You and your products. No One is interested in hearing someone brag about themselves. Boring.
But if you show a true, keen interest in the other person BEFORE you even begin to talk about business, their defenses will start to lower.
Ask questions, rather than talking at them. Be truly interested in what they are saying. And then, when it is your turn, share a story about what makes you tick to show them you are just a human being, not a selling machine.

What will make you unique and differentiate you from all the others who sell your same service or product is YOU. Therefore, sharing stories about why you started your business, your passions, your hope for the future, your family, your upbringing will humanize you. The person listening will begin to think of you as a friend, someone they can trust and confide in.

People want to do business with those they know, like and TRUST. Become a person who exudes those qualities and watch your business grow.
Now you might ask, what does all this have to do with VIDEO?
When you create a video promo that shares your heart, message and story, the viewer will become engaged and will feel that warmth and honesty.
You must bring your true self forward and capture your essence on video. The video will bring you interested, engaged viewers who will begin to think of you as their “go to” person. The more videos you produce about yourself and ultimately your business, will begin to have people perceive you as an Expert in your field.

Especially helpful videos are “How to’s”, ‘Did you Know”, and “Tips of the Month” type special videos.
I know that many people are terribly afraid of being in front of the camera.
That is where I, Bonnie Keith, of Video Magic Productions Santa Clarita come into the picture.
My specialty is helping people relax in front of the camera so that their charisma and true personality will shine through.

For more information or to see how I can help you overcome your fear of video, contact me at: 661-755-1699 or email:
I look forward to helping you and watching your business grow.

Why I use Multi Cameras in all My Video Shoots

Bonnie Keith taking photos

by Bonnie Keith of VideoMagic Productions

People are either amused or ‘in awe” when they learn that I will sometimes employ up to 9 cameras on a video shoot of a live event or special occasion.

My use of multi cameras is not done for anyone’s amusement or to bring any special attention to myself or my company VideoMagic Productions.

Using multi cameras for me is not an option, it is a necessity born out of an experience that taught me what can happen when I do NOT use multi cameras for a live event.

The story is simple. Many years ago, I was filming a Catholic wedding in a beautiful church setting. I was operating one video camera near the front of the church with perfect views of both the door where the wedding party would make their entrance, as well as the stage where the wedding itself was to take place.

I was in the process of doing final checks on sound and lighting when the wedding ceremony began. I quickly rushed to get into perfect position to capture the wedding party entering the church. Most importantly was the entrance of the bride and her father, perfectly framed as I captured them moving down the aisle towards the priest and the groom. 

As the processional came to an end, I repositioned myself to face the stage where the entire bridal party was standing in preparation for the ceremony. I decided to STOP my camera for a moment and start it up again so that I had one separate video clip for the entrance of the processional.

To my shock, INSTEAD of the camera turning OFF when I pressed the on/off button, it turned ON. Which meant that I had not recorded one second of the processional or entrance of any of the bridal party. My sound check, lighting check, and perfect framing and positioning were for naught. I missed the entire entrance.

One huge decision on my part at the last moment, that completely saved the day for me, was to have a “second” camera way in the back upstairs on the balcony capturing everything from that angle. That camera was just supposed to be there to capture a different angle for variety. I was going to use possibly a minute or so of that footage scattered throughout the wedding ceremony video.

However, I ended up needing to use all of the footage from that camera or I would have had NOTHING for the entrance in the final video I produced for the bride and groom. Fortunately, the footage from the second camera was quite beautiful, interesting, and ended up working out very well for me in the end.

Here comes the lesson. ANYTHING can go wrong in a live event. Anything and everything. My first job, therefore as a professional, qualified, artistic, award winning videographer is to lessen the chances of that happening in the future.

3 cameras set up in a kitchen

Therefore, I now use multi cameras on all my video shoots. I use several microphones on camera, body lavalier mics on the clients (bride & groom, performers, speakers), backup audio in several places such as my zoom recorder (I feed into the audio mixing board if one is available  as well), extra tripods, tons of batteries, on camera lights (just in case the venue is too dark), and extra extension cords, XLR connectors and any other accessory or equipment to insure against most unforeseen moments.

Just recently, I once again was blind-sided by an equipment failure that could have been disastrous with one of my newer, better cameras.  The battery (which was showing that it still had over 60 % life) just depleted. The video footage I had been shooting for over an hour was NOT SAVED to the memory card at all.  I tried retrieving the footage using third party programs but to no avail.  

If I did not have Four other cameras filming the same event from multiple angles, I once again, would have had NOTHING. But the video filmed from the other cameras was beautiful and served the purpose well to cover the one camera that had a malfunction.

Lesson learned. Backup, backup, and backup. I would rather have too much footage than too little or even, none at all.

Bonnie In Action

If you would like any information on how I can help capture your live event, special party or occasion, theatre performance, recital, school graduation with my multi camera setup, contact Bonnie at:

661-755-1699 or email for your free video E Guide

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

wedding rings on a bouquet

Your wedding day is certainly one of those few “once in a lifetime” moments. Do you really want to spend all that time, energy, and money to plan this perfect day and leave the “memories” to those captured by scattered cell phone photos/videos OR thinking that “I will remember everything in my HEAD”?

Do you realize how caught up you will be that day in the emotional whirlpool and flurry and frenzy of each moment? How you cannot be everywhere at once? That you will neither see, experience nor will you remember spontaneous moments that are occurring all around you throughout the entire day?

You spend more than a year and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on your Wedding, and within a few beautiful hours, the day is Over, gone, only to be relived through the memories of those present, photos, and Hopefully Videos. Your friends & Family may be capturing your vows, toasts and some dancing but shouldn’t they be enjoying themselves and leaving the “memory capturing” to the professionals?

As a professional, award-winning wedding videographer, my main goal is to capture as much of the day from as many different angles as possible. I capture not only the traditional events but the mood, the emotions, the candid smiles, laughter, giggles and tears that occur throughout the day and evening.

I have been thanked on so many occasions for “capturing” part of a wedding that the bride & groom were unable to experience themselves. Yet, they can now see, hear and feel everything and anything they missed because they were so preoccupied with their own agenda on the wedding day. “Oh wow, I didn’t know you got uncle Joe when he was being so silly singing that song….we didn’t even know he did that because we were out on the balcony then”. I hear this all the time.

Couples have told me they are able to relive the experience and feelings of their wedding day over and over again. And to share with family and friends, especially those who were unable to actually attend the wedding.

Another bonus to hiring a professional wedding videographer is that you can have an “unplugged wedding” and ask all your guests to refrain from using their phones and pads, especially during the ceremony. This helps both the videographer from having people actually getting in their way to the freedom of everyone truly being present and able to experience the day for themselves.

There is an old saying that “a picture is worth 1000 words”, well then a video which holds 30 pictures every second is obviously worth a whole lot more. As a professional photographer myself , I will very often film a video of a particular moment just to be sure that I do not miss the slightest nuance of emotion or the sound of someone’s vocal tone as they share some loving remembrances, or the tears rolling down the dad’s cheek as he dances with his daughter, the bride. These moments are precious and should not be left to memory alone.

When I video a wedding, the most special parts of the video are a surprise to the bride and groom. The last wedding I just filmed has a private moment between the bride, groom and the rabbi who shared some intimate thoughts on how special he truly felt this couple was. I happened to see and overhear this private conversation, but it is now a part of the video legacy for the bride and groom to cherish and treasure forever.

Also, guest interviews are a welcome and pleasant surprise as well. You never know what words of wisdom or good wishes the guests have to share with the bride and groom.

What a wonderful legacy to show your future children and for you to cherish forever.

In my next blog, I will share what qualities to look for when hiring a professional wedding videographer

For more information or to get a free copy of my Video E Guide, go to

for information on VideoMagic Productions, please call 661-755-1699

Why should you hire a professional videographer?

Video Camera In a Dark Room

For your wedding video, corporate videos, special occasions, any live event, and even YouTube videos. Why In today’s day of cell phones and iPads which have hi-res cameras capable of capturing quality video and photos, people often ask me “why should I hire a professional videographer or photographer. 

We will discuss what a professional videographer offers that will make the difference between an absolutely memorable wedding video allowing you to relieve your “once in a lifetime” to one stitched together with friend’s cell phone videos; the difference between a marketing video for your business that will attract, engage and convert your viewer into a buyer to a shaky cell phone video that hardly represents the professional entrepreneur you are and image that you have strived so hard to achieve. 

1. a professional videographer will work with you from conception to creation: beginning with a consultation to determine the goal of your video. The videographer will make a storyboard for the project so that you are both on the same page. 

2. a professional videographer will determine the best filming conditions to provide a video that will meet all your criteria. 

3. a professional videographer will offer insights prior to filming and throughout the editing process. These recommendations will also help to refine and perfect the “end result” of the video. 

4. a professional videographer will provide the highest quality of cameras; lights and audio. 

5. a professional videographer will create a video that presents you: your image, your branding, your production: your live event or your YouTube promotional video in the most compelling, and effective manner showcasing your talents to achieve the highest attraction and engagement possible. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

Do I want to attract a bigger audience to my live show next year? Do I want customers to find me on a google search and then be able to convert them into a paying customer? Do I want to have a professional, yet not too slick, branded image online for my business? Do I want to relax and enjoy the special party I planned and yet want a moving remembrance of the entire event for years to come? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, give me a call at 661-755-1699 or email me at

Here are a few testimonials affirming all that I’ve discussed above: 

Mike L: “Bonnie provided me with her experience, her patience, and positive support throughout the making of my video.” 

Eve C: “Lastly, her ability to bring forward her internal self, her care of humanity, and her empathy and perception makes her the true Artist.” 

Bob E: Bonnie, VideoMagic is great. We hired her to video our drama performance, and she did a fabulous job. Delivered a high quality video in a timely manner. She also took some great photos. Easy to work with and well worth the $. We will rehire VideoMagic for our next event. 

I will be happy to discuss YOUR vision for Your video project. All videos produced by Video Magic Production are one of a kind, customizable to your individual needs. 

In my next post: I will discuss in greater detail the reasons to hire a professional videographer for weddings and private celebrations.